La Villa Garbo

Imagine an apartment with luxury hospitality services located two steps away from La Croisette … Here is the concept of Villa Garbo.

Behind its façade dating back 1884, Villa Garbo offers its guests a small world of authentic luxury in an elegant, contemporary and convivial setting. The 11 apartments – suites make up an intimate cocoon of technology and design.

Exclusive concept of luxury Hotel Residence in Cannes, Villa Garbo has become a major charm getaway … whether as a couple, family or for business!


Check ups

Standard and customized check-ups adapted to individual and company needs

Basic medical assessment

Cardiovascular assessment

Gynecologic assessment 

Insurance check-up

Medical examination

A range of optional consultations and exams to meet specific needs

Price: $ per night (including breakfast)

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Custom-made recovery programme

• Medical examination 

• Joint rehabilitation and gym training.

• Therapeutic massages and/or functional rehabilitation

• Sensory functions and mobility work

• Fall prevention

• Individual home exercise program


Price: $100 per night (including breakfast)

Rheumatism Recovery

Fight your joint pain, regain flexibility and the freedom of movement


• Therapeutic massages provided by a physiotherapist

• Localised applications of clay Moutiers

• White Clay Pool

• Steam Bath

• Hydro massage baths with thermal water

• Hydro massage baths with essential oils

• Jet session under affusion

• Participation in the Massage workshop to learn how to relieve your pain and of those around you, when you return back home.

• Sessions of rehabilitation or recovery

Price: $100 per night (including breakfast)

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