Tiara Yaksta Côte d'Azur

Wrapped like a ribbon on a delightful gift, the Corniche d'Or winds through Théoule-sur-Mer, where entry to a gently sloping garden reveals a haven of tranquillity. The Hotel Tiara Yaktsa Côte D’Azur is ringed by amazing vistas of the sparkling Mediterranean. While a short drive distances you from Mandelieu airport, and slightly longer route to Nice airport, your journey’s end in the south of France is near. You need only step across the threshold of Tiara Yaktsa 5 star boutique hotel to discover a paradise of well-kept secrets...  you are a world away.


Slimming Detox

A customized slimming treatment, adapted to each person or individual and their specific adipocyte. Slimming coached through 3 stages: DETOX, SLIMMING, FIRMNESS.

Price: EUR 140 / 60 min


A unique protocol inspired by the Japanese, with a double exfoliation, one manual, the other with gloves, together with a full body massage with cherry flower and lotus oil.

Price: EUR 140/60 min


This is an ancestral Indian massage technique, transmitted from generation to generation that will bring back the balance and harmony of the body’s energy, through the combination of movements and warm sesame oil, enticing all the senses.

Price: EUR 130/60 min

Oriental Ceremony

A ritual source inspired by the Orient. The journey starts with an exfoliation with cinnamon spices followed by a double massage of the body, mixing manual techniques and ballotins of warm stones

Price: EUR 140/60 min

Yoga & Pillates

Yoga is a discipline born in India a few years ago. Its spiritual and physical aspects allow to unify body and soul while liberating them from daily constraints through breath and rhythm control.

Pilates is a physical training method inspired by dance, gymnastics and yoga

Price: EUR 110/60 min/session


This soft and delicate massage with grape seed oil was studied for pregnant women, allowing to relax articulations and to releave dorsal and back pain linked with pregnancy. Take care of yourself and the life within you. Recommended for pregnancies of 3 months or more.

Price: EUR 120/60 min

Check ups

Standard and customised check-ups adapted to individual and company needs

• Basic medical assessment

• Cardiovascular assessment

• Gynecologic assessment  

• Insurance check-up

• Medical examination

• A range of optional consultations and exams to meet specific needs


Price: $ per night (including breakfast)

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Custom-made recovery programme

• Medical examination 

• Joint rehabilitation and gym training.

• Therapeutic massages and/or functional rehabilitation

• Sensory functions and mobility work

• Fall prevention

• Individual home exercise program

Price: $ per night (including breakfast)

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