Sports Recovery

Indulge the athlete in you and get in shape in the ambiance of an exclusive French hotel! A programme of intensive, personalised physiotherapy and re-mobilisation treatments, reserved for athletes - both professional and amateur.

After a Body Age assessment, our experts will work alongside you offering coaching, recovery sessions, seawater treatments and more.

Pal Henri de la Rue, Nicola Karabatic, Emilie Fer, Bruno Ecuelle Manga, Ali Traore, Justine Dupont, Jerome Garces, Pepito Elhaga, Augustin Bata have already been here for their sport recovery.


Our standard programme includes : COMPREHENSIVE CARE 6 HOURS PER DAY

• Body Age Assessment upon your arrival

• The latest physiotherapy techniques Biodex®, Cybex®, radial shock wave therapy, Huber®, Cellu M6®, Cryo6®

• Personalised physical preparation specific to the sport in question

• Proactive prevention of osteo-articular and musculo-tendinous injuries

• A recovery programme veino-lymphatic drainage, relaxation, sauna, team room, etc.

• Nutritional advice

• The medical team a doctor, a physiotherapist and a fitness coach


CapSport CapBreton

CapBreton. Atlantic Coast

Developed and led by an experienced team, with the requirements of the highest sporting level, CAP SPORT provides a general concept of Réathlétisation, preparation and prevention that combines the expertise of professional sport and sports Medicine, the comfort of a 3-star structure close to the sea and a diversity of sports facilities.

Price: On request

Sofitel Quiberon Thalassa Sea & Spa

Quiberon. Brittany

Since 2013 at Quiberon, professional and amateur athletes alike have been benefiting from a team of fitness experts fully dedicated to improving performance levels with state-of-the-art equipment and personalized follow-up. The Athletic Rehabilitation Center works with you to meet your specific goals, whether you are training for a personal challenge or a competition, getting back into shape or recovering after a challenge.

Price: €2250 per person, including accommodation

Sofitel Biarritz Thalassa Sea & Spa

Biarrtiz. Atlantic Coast

Facing the famed Roche Percée, at a stone’s throw from Biarritz lighthouse, Sofitel Biarritz Thalassa Sea & Spa is a unique cultural and gastronomic experience. Professional therapists create sur mesure programs. Benefit from the miracles of the seawater, the expertise and personal attention afforded by the hotel’s team. The Institute provides a large, heated, outdoor seawater pool, an indoor hydrotherapy pool, a fitness area, a hammam, a sauna and an instant T and relaxation area.

Price: On request

Sofitel Golfe d'Ajaccio Thalassa Sea & Spa

Golfe d'Ajaccio. Corsica

The health-enhancing benefits of the seawater, the healing properties of floral waters and the sheer indulgence of Corsican essential oils from organic agriculture. Designed in the Mediterranean-style with marble walls, alcoves, Burma teak and Murano mosaics, the hotel provides a large, outdoor, heated seawater pool, an indoor hydrotherapy pool, a hammam and sauna, a fitness area with sports activities and a herbal tea and relaxation area. Sofitel Golfe d’Ajaccio boasts a personal training program that includes customised treatments and workout sessions designed to get you fit and moving freely again.

Price: On request

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