Le Richelieu Île de Ré

All the year round, Île de Ré enjoys a gentle and exceptionally sunny climate. Beaches,salt- marshes, vineyards and panoramic sea views, you might totally relax yourself and enjoy the sensation of serenity well-being. Hotel culinary artists service you healthy gourmet cuisine every day. Homelike atmosphere accompanies with you whole the recovery journey. 

Thalassotherapy Le Richelieu offers a wide range of natural cures to meet all your needs: from fitness to marine detox; high quality face and body care, as well as spa packages. Energy massages, to best use your vital potential vital and meditation workshops invite you to let go, to live a moment out of time and take you to the heights of well-being and relaxation.


Back Health - Orthopaedic


This treatment helps to relieve back pain in two times: relaxation in baths or underwater showers, pool rehabilitation, hot seaweed wraps and in parallel, our osteopaths will follow you throughout your cure, adapting massages, postural rehabilitation and education. 


• 6 collective rehabilitative aquatic gymnastics classes
• 2 sessions of muscular massage
• 1 osteopathy session
• 3 hydromassage baths
• 1 seaweed wrap
• 2 self mud heated wraps 
• 1 wellness and back beauty care 
• 3 affusion showers
• 2 underwater showers
• 3 back jet showers

Price: from 600 Eur (without accommodation)

Marine Vitality


If you are in need for relaxation and revitalization, here is the energy program par excellence. It will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the heated sea water and invigorating or relaxing treatments for a pleasant rehabilitation.


• 6 collective rehabilitative or tonic water gymnastics classes
• 6 hydromassage baths
• 6 jet showers or affusion showers 
• 1 massage for relaxation and harmony
• 1 body scrub
• 1 feet massage
• 3 seaweed wraps

Price: 540 Eur (without accommodation)

Marine Detox


Restore vitality and balance care through draining, purifying and energizing. The combination of a firming and stimulating hydrotherapy and practice muscular exercise in saltwater pool, with the most effective techniques in watermass, will allow you to lighten your figure by providing tone and firmness.


• 6 collective water gymnastics classes 
• 6 hydromassage baths
• 6 jet showers
• 3 seaweed wraps
• 2 sessions of Power Plate 
• 1 detox massage
• 3 sessions of Watermass
• 1 treatment Slimming Sculptor High precision
• 2 treatments frigithalgo

Price: 725 Eur (without accommodation)

Spa Excellence - World Secrets


Whatever its origin, the ancestral practice of massage and modeling calmes the body and mind. Due to the diversity of massages, this cure wakes
your senses and helps you regain your vital energy. Coupled with beauty care treaments, it is a promise of absolute relaxation. 


• 1 Ayurvedic massage
• 1 muscle massag
• 1 Thai reflexology
• 1 Japanese Lifting
• 1 massage with four hands
• 1 journey into self
• 1 specific face treatment 
• 1 hand or feet care treatment

• 1 body treatment
• 1 wrap with self-heating mud
• 1 seaweed wrap
• 1 underwater shower
• 3 hydromassage baths
• 1 jet shower

• 1 Hydromassage affusion
• 1 Vichy shower

Price: from 950 Eur (without accommodation)

Young Mother


This cure is dedicated to young mothers (minimum 2 months after childbirth) who wish to take care of themselves, combining beauty of the body and face with a smooth toning muscle. We advise you to have abdominal and perineal rehabilitation sessions before coming, for a more relaxing treatment.
We also propose you a hydromassage bath with your Baby (aged at least five months).


• 6 collective tonic gymnastics classes
in the water
• 3 hydromassage baths
• 3 jet showers
• 2 affusion showers
• 1 relaxing massage
• 1 butterfly modeling
• 2 sessions of Power Plate
• 2 sessions of Watermass
• 1 facial treatment
• 1 body treatment
• 1 osteopathy session
• 1 seaweed wrap

Price: from 700 Eur (without accommodation)

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