Hôtel Nice la Malmaison

Ideally located in the heart of Nice, near the old town, beaches and the famous Promenade des Anglais, the hotel welcomes you for your leisure and business stays. Its historic façade, located on the luxurious Victor Hugo Boulevard, the main street of the city, will seduce you from the entrance.
In a warm atmosphere, enjoy the Art Deco style of the hotel revisited the theme "Gastby" and its 46 rooms (from Superior room to the Premium room with huge terrace) that offer comfort and modernity: large areas, free WiFi, flat screen TV ( TNT, international channels), welcome tray... 


Check ups

Standard and customized check-ups adapted to individual and company needs

Basic medical assessment

Cardiovascular assessment

Gynecologic assessment 

Insurance check-up

Medical examination

A range of optional consultations and exams to meet specific needs

Price: $ per night (including breakfast)

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Custom-made recovery programme

• Medical examination 

• Joint rehabilitation and gym training.

• Therapeutic massages and/or functional rehabilitation

• Sensory functions and mobility work

• Fall prevention

• Individual home exercise program


Price: $100 per night (including breakfast)

Rheumatism Recovery

Fight your joint pain, regain flexibility and the freedom of movement


• Therapeutic massages provided by a physiotherapist

• Localised applications of clay Moutiers

• White Clay Pool

• Steam Bath

• Hydro massage baths with thermal water

• Hydro massage baths with essential oils

• Jet session under affusion

• Participation in the Massage workshop to learn how to relieve your pain and of those around you, when you return back home.

• Sessions of rehabilitation or recovery

Price: $100 per night (including breakfast)

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