La Bastide 

In the heart of Gascony, in Barbotan, a small spa village surrounded by Armagnac vineyards,  discover an amazing country destination, made of bespoke hedonistic experiences. 

Hidden in La Bastide’s Gardens, the Thermal Spa is built around a central gallery that reminds the Gallo-Roman baths. The Spa features an elegantly simple  interior designed to blend a delicate decoration of stone and ivory enamels and the most contemporary spa innovations.

Barbotan’s hot spring is 20 000 year old. Its purity and abundance of minerals makes it the perfect natural healing for bones, joints and muscles.


Pleine Forme Spa Retreat

Tame the therapeutic benefits of thermal water and alternates tonic and blissful treatments.



  • 6 Buffet breakfasts

  • 6 Healthy cuisine dinners

  • The “Pleine Forme” Wellness routine with 24 treatments :

    • 3 Vichy shower massages (20 min),

    • 3 Aromatic mud wraps,

    • 4 Hydromassage showers,

    • 4 hydromassage thermal baths,

    • 4 Hydromassage beds,

    • 3 Aquagyms,

    • 3 Aquabiking,

    • Access to Steam Bath and Jacuzzi

Price: (including breakfast)

Dietetic Recovery

Learn how to eat healthily and tastily

• 1 consultation with a nutritionist • Complete nutritional check-up based on tests developed in connection with our specialised teams. • Workshops on nutritional education • Practicing physical activities to stimulate vitality • Strengthening self-image

• Reduction of physical handicap.

• Treatments to drain and energise

• Healthy gourmet cuisine to combine pleasure and balance

• Cookery lessons focussing on healthy cuisine and pastry : This intense program, based on the training delivered to professionals, will teach you all the keys to a balanced and pleasurable diet.

Price: (including breakfast)

Rheumatism & Osteoarthritis Recovery

Fight your joint pain, regain flexibility and the freedom of movement

• Therapeutic massages provided by a physiotherapist

• Localised applications of clay Moutiers

• Hydro massage thermal baths 

• Hydro massage baths with essential oils

• Jet session under affusion

• Group water aerobics, aqua training, aqua punch

 • Participation in the Massage workshop to learn how to relieve your pain and of those around you, when you return back home.

• Sessions of rehabilitation or recovery • Hydrotherapy 

Price:  (including breakfast)

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