Hôtel du Palais Biarritz

In a grand, 1855 palace that was once the summer home of Napoléon III, this luxury seafront hotel is just some steps away from the pretty town centre of Biarritz. The Hôtel du Palais radiates charm. It is a hotel rich in memories, style and hystory. Today, the scarlet-and-cream-colored seaside villa still channels its grand heritage. Rooms are lavish and high ceilings create a breezy, destination-appropriate vibe. The extensive wellness facility, complete with a Guerlain spa and lounging areas with sea views, is the kind of enclave that Eugénie surely would have loved. Overlooking the ocean, discover treatments that combine leading scientific understanding with sensual natural products. 


Silhouette Detox

A treatment programme tailored as closely as possible to your own body type

  • Accmmodation for 7 nights

  • “Healthy choice” breakfast

  • Full board (lunch and dinner – excluding drinks)

  • 20 hrs 20 mins of Silhouette “Detox” treatments: holistic, tailored, individual care and attention

  • During your stay, your meals will be supervised by our Michelin-starred chef, Mr Gautier, who will add a dietician’s touch to your dishes.

  • A tailored programme will be offered to you when you leave, so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your treatment.

Price: from 10,570 EUR (inclusive of tax) for 2 persons

Anti Ageing Break - Imperial Spa

Imagine your skin feeling fresher, younger…

  • 2 days/2 nights stay

  • Breakfast buffet

  • 5 ½ hours of personalised and individual service in an oceanfront haven of peace dedicated to beauty and well-being.

  • You take the benefits of the cure home with you: the Imperial Spa is pleased to offer you Guerlain’s “INSTITUT 68 CRÈME REMODELANTE CORPS SUBLIME”

Price: from 2,240 EUR (for 2 pers)

Pre/Post Natal

Massage given after the first trimester of pregnancy or after birth alleviates discomfort and pain, improves skin elasticity and stimulates circulation. The massages proposed are for the purpose of stress reduction, well-being and beauty. We recommend that you consult a healthcare professional for any medical examination.



The Signature Treatment of the Imperial SPA

Discover and indulge in the unique concept created by the Imperial Spa specialists. live with plentitude and judge for yourself the awakening experience of your five senses through a timeless prism of light: Equilibrium, relaxation, fluidity, force and serenity.

Yoga & Pilates

Healthy Life Style

Gentle gymnastic method based on centering, breathing and concentration. An in-depth work-out to improve the body’s dynamic alignment and posture.

Check ups

Standard and customised check-ups adapted to individual and company needs

• Basic medical assessment

• Cardiovascular assessment

• Gynecologic assessment

• Insurance check-up

• Medical examination

• A range of optional consultations 

Price: $ per night (including breakfast)

Orthopedic Recovery

Custom-made recovery program

• Medical examination

• Daily English-speaking nurse’s visit for post-operative care

• Joint rehabilitation and gym training. • Therapeutic massages and/or functional rehabilitation

• Sensory functions and mobility work

• Fall prevention

• Individual home exercise program

Price: $ per night (including breakfast)

Dietetic Recovery

A specially designed recovery programme for pathologies associated with weight problems

• 1 consultation with a nutritionist

• Complete nutritional check-up

• Workshops on nutritional education

• Physical activities to stimulate vitality

• Strengthening self-image

• Reduction of physical handicap

 • Treatments to drain and energise

• Healthy gourmet cuisine to combine pleasure and balance

Price: $ per night (including breakfast)

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