Grand Hôtel Molitg-les-Bains

Welcome to le Grand Hôtel, a charming dwelling built in the 19th century. This mediterranean place shelters 38 luminous rooms and suites, elegant lounges, a regional cuisine restaurant and a bar with fireplace. Treat yourself with some treatments at the Thermal Spa, which is directly connected to the hotel.

Suspended between heaven and earth, anchored in the foliage, are the prestigious Roman Baths of Molitg, which offer a plethora of facilities. Discover the flavours of two very different cuisines at Le Grand Hôtel: one offering local and Mediterranean products and the other a healthy and perfectly balanced menu.



Rheumatism Recovery

Fight your joint pain, regain flexibility and the freedom of movement

• Therapeutic massages provided by a physiotherapist

• Localised applications of clay Moutiers

• White Clay Pool

• Steam Bath

• Hydro massage baths with thermal water

• Hydro massage baths with essential oils

• Jet session under affusion

• Participation in the Massage workshop to learn how to relieve your pain and of those around you, when you return back home.

• Sessions of rehabilitation or recovery

Price: EUR (including breakfast)

Check ups

Standard and customised check-ups adapted to individual and company needs

• Basic medical assessment

• Cardiovascular assessment

• Gynecologic assessment for women

• Insurance check-up

• Medical examination

• A range of optional consultations and exams to meet specific needs

• English spoken medical team

Price: EUR (including breakfast)

Dietetic Recovery

Cuisine Santé-Nature: Learn how to eat healthily and tastily

• 1 consultation with a nutritionist

• Complete nutritional check-up based on tests developed in connection with our specialised teams.

• Workshops on nutritional education

• Practicing physical activities to stimulate vitality

• Strengthening self-image

• Reduction of physical handicap.

• Treatments to drain and energise

• Healthy gourmet cuisine to combine pleasure and balance

• Cookery lessons focussing on healthy cuisine and pastry

Price: (including breakfast)

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