Grand Hotel Barriere Enghien-les-Bains

Facing the Enghien-les–Bains Lake, located in the heart of unique and enclosed settings, our hotels and centres welcome guests in spacious areas flooded with natural day light, creating enchanting dreamlike atmospheres… The Resort Barrière of Enghien has a whole host of pleasures & incredible sensations on offer, just 8 miles from the Champs-Elysées. 

Subdued, discrete and subtly enhanced with an oriental touch, the Grand Hôtel**** welcomes guests to a warm and intimate atmosphere inviting them to discover settings where wellbeing is the keyword. Located facing the Enghien-les-Bains lake and directly linked to the Spa, this hotel is the ideal spot for romantic breaks, rest and leisure.

  • 43 rooms including 6 suites

  • Direct access to the Diane Barrière Health, Sports & Spa centre facilities

  • Private car park

  • 85 Restaurant & Bar

-      Conciergerie


Cure Detox




Anti Ageing



Respiratory recovery



Check ups

Standard and customised check-ups adapted to individual and company needs

• Basic medical assessment

• Cardiovascular assessment

• Gynecologic assessment

• Insurance check-up

• Medical examination

• A range of optional consultations 

Price: $ per night (including breakfast)

Orthopedic Recovery

Custom-made recovery program

• Medical examination

• Daily English-speaking nurse’s visit for post-operative care

• Joint rehabilitation and gym training. • Therapeutic massages and/or functional rehabilitation

• Sensory functions and mobility work

• Fall prevention

• Individual home exercise program

Price: $ per night (including breakfast)

Dietetic Recovery

A specially designed recovery programme for pathologies associated with weight problems

• 1 consultation with a nutritionist

• Complete nutritional check-up

• Workshops on nutritional education

• Physical activities to stimulate vitality

• Strengthening self-image

• Reduction of physical handicap

 • Treatments to drain and energise

• Healthy gourmet cuisine to combine pleasure and balance

Price: $ per night (including breakfast)

Sports Recovery




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