Cap Sport CapBreton

Set up and led by an experienced team, with the requirements of the highest sporting level, CAP SPORT offers Reathletisation, preparation and prevention which combines the experience of Sport and sport medicine, the comfort of a “3 star” hotel structure close to the sea and the diversity of sports facilities: Sauna and steam room, Balneotherapy and hydrotherapy, Relaxation room, Football and Rugby grounds, Omnisport indoor room (handball, basketball, volley ball), Tracks (120m in tartan, 400m in grass), Golfs (Moliets, Hossegor,Seignosse, Biarritz le phare, Bassussary...), Tennis court in Capbreton. 


Sports Rehabilitation

Aimed at all injured sportsmen and women, and allows them to benefit from the latest physiotherapy and muscular strengthening techniques

  • The latest physiotherapy techniques (Biodex®, Cybex®, radial shock wave therapy, Huber®, Cellu M6®, Cryo6®).

  • Personalised physical preparation, specific to the sport in question.

  • Work to prevent osteo-articular and musculo-tendinous injuries.

  • A recovery programme (veino-lymphatic drainage, relaxation, sauna, steam room,etc.).

  • Nutritional advice.

  • Psychological preparation.

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Sports Evaluation

Complete evaluation on one and a half days with the possibility of achieving specific care for the rest of the stay

  • A complete medical check-up with a specialist in musculoskeletal and sports

  • Physiotherapy assessment: monopodal jump, myotest, Y balance tests, baro-podometric evaluation, proprioception tests, isokinetic evaluation

  • Physical preparation assessment: stress test with indirect measure of V0² max on a ergonomic bicycle, study of recovery, stretching tests, muscle testing of the upper limbs and lower limbs, evaluation of the abdominal and spinal muscles.

  • Ergotherapy assessment: proprioception tests, assessment of muscle flexibility, analyzing gestures from everyday life and sport gesture.

  • Dietary analysis: weight,  body fat, food balance, hydration tips.

  • Psychological assessment: psychometric evaluation, analysis of antecedents, determination of working axes.

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hydromassage baths, affusion shower, hydro-jet bath, jet shower, steam room, sauna, cold baths and of course our beautiful pools in an idyllic oceanfront.


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