With Recovery Path, your recovery will be organised in an exclusive hotel ambiance à la française, that will make you forget about traditional recovery centres and allow you to take advantage of the French hospitality and wellness!


A destination like France means luxury and elegance, and promises the best quality of healthcare!


Let us transform your recovery treatment with a pleasant stay for both your mind and body!

Why Choosing Us

First Class & A la Carte services


At Recovery Path we are committed to promoting top healthcare services, and we offer direct access to an extended network of international renowned Spa, medical Spas and Specialists in France.


A unique concept of travel


Combine your recovery program with the allure of the most renowned palaces in France. Forget about traditional recovery centers and allow yourself to be embraced by the ambiance that the exclusive French hôtellerie affords.

Innovative recovery packages


A wide range of tailored recovery packages, such as sport recovery, post-traumatic, orthopaedic, dietetic...

Highly experienced medical teams


A professional English-spoken medical team to assist you throughout your entire recovery stay.


Private English spoken conciergerie 7d/7


From the airport to your hotel and during your whole stay,

five-star concierge services are on-hand during your whole recovery process.

Art de vivre à la française


Let yourself be embraced by French hospitality and benefit from the French quality of life!

Discover our Dedicated Experts

Carine HILAIRE, CEO & Co-Founder


Carine is one of the Chief Experience Officers at Recovery Path. 
Full of energy, the expert in medical travel, certified by the US Medical Travel Association, balances being a businesswoman and a mother, often feeling as though she has carried out several lifetimes in one week! But above all Carine is passionate about the extraordinary quality of care in her country and wants to share the sense of French hospitality. Her driving force? A natural cocktail of surprising energy,elegance and generosity.


Françoise Loesch, Co-Founder


After the baccalaureate and pharmacy university, she entered the pharmaceutical industry, in Innothera laboratory.

Given the wide range of specialties of this company, she has known almost all medical specialties: Gynecology, Endocrinology, Phlebology, Dermatology, Pediatrics, Respiratory, Cardiology, Anesthesiology, Digestive Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Orhopaedic Surgery. All these for 13 years. Then she managed Zimmer company for 20 years.

With all these years in the healthcare service, knowing perfectly the universe of patients and healthcare teams, together with 4 other people, she founded two companies, ORTHO DMI DISTRIBUTION and FRANCE SURGERY, and brought her expertise in these service societies dedicated to patients.

Iulia Apostu, Travel Planner & Patient Coordinator


Fuelled by curiosity, ambition and natural intuition, Iulia was determined to step into a totally new field where patient care is the highest priority. A world that would teach her about professionalism, dedication, special care and attention and, perhaps most importantly, a world of specialists. 

Iulia is very much a ‘people person’ who loves being part of a multicultural team, meeting new people and forging new relationships.


LOGIDERM Aesthetic Medical Center


Located in the very heart of Paris, Logiderm is medical center dedicated to anti-aging and aesthetic treatments in its own atmosphere of privacy and calm.

Logiderm treatments associate medical corrective procedures and SkinCeuticals® epidermal peel procedures in order to optimize results through in-office and at-home treatments. Our doctors are committed to provide you, through their medical expertise, with the most advanced treatments using only the latest approved technologies.